Dylan Tinlun Chan

Piano Improvisations

Welcome to my website, this is a place where I would like to share the music that I improvise on the piano.

Some experiences and feelings are difficult for me to put into words, yet it is difficult to imagine going through life without expressing them. Improvising on the piano has become an indispensable way for me to express that which I would not have otherwise been able to express. I am thankful for the piano for not only the relief but the immeasurable enjoyment that it gives to me.

Below you can listen to my full albums, they are under a Creative Commons license and are therefore free to copy, distribute and play for non-commercial purposes, the only requirement is to give credit. If you are interested in licensing my music for commercial purposes, .

My Albums

Mung Yau - 夢遊

“Mung Yau” (夢遊) is my second album, it contains six pieces of my piano improvisations. The title of the album is the Chinese character 夢(dream) and 遊(wander) which translates into the meaning of “sleep walking”.

The theme of the album is about wandering in a dream and each piece represents a different dreamscape. I hope you will enjoy listening to them.


  1. Ching Ting Chi – 蜻蜓池 (1:55)
  2. Hang Saan – 行山 (3:13)
  3. Gwai Jan – 鬼鎮 (2:48)
  4. Gap Lau – 急流 (3:35)
  5. San Gwong Sam Lam – 晨光森林 (3:33)
  6. Yuet Ye Mou Fung – 月夜霧峰 (3:26)

Tin Hei - 天氣

Tin Hei ( 天氣 ) is my first album, it contains ten pieces of my piano improvisations. The title of the album is the Chinese character 天(sky) and 氣(air/spirit) which translates into the meaning of “weather”.

Living in Ottawa, Canada, I find the nature here magnificent and the ever changing weather is an inseparable part of life. My feelings are naturally moved by this pattern of ‘air in the sky’ and I find it appropriate to name my first album after it.


  1. San Lou - 晨露 (3:28)
  2. Sing Tang - 升騰 (2:36)
  3. Ching Tin Yu - 晴天雨 (3:19)
  4. Seung Gong - 霜降 (0:55)
  5. Mou Saan - 霧散 (3:28)
  6. Git Lou - 結露 (3:30)
  7. Ha Gwong - 霞光 (0:55)
  8. Syut Yung - 雪融 (2:27)
  9. Wan Jeui - 雲聚 (3:12)
  10. Yu Ji - 雨止 (2:33)

About me

Dylan Tinlun Chan

My name is Dylan Tinlun Chan ( 陳天論 ). I was taught to play the piano when I was a child but I stopped as soon as I was allowed to. After several years of being freed from daily practising and regular examinations, I returned to the piano one day on my own and began to play purely for pleasure.

I discovered piano improvisation one day when I met a kind woman who showed me her talent in improvising classical music. She taught me the first steps in improvisation and showed me a way of playing the piano where the music comes closer from the heart than I have ever thought was possible. I never met this woman again but I continue to enjoy improvising on the piano to this day.

I am living in Ottawa, Canada.


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